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Bithday Pridication
Sun -1

You tetikali 1,10,19,28; pirantirunt in the sun, your number will come in the speaker. You are able to support yourself nativarupavarkalai heads will prevail thoughts. Kalairacanaiyum, tullitamana knowledge. Nature can teach others to give. Given a chance to win long-distance commutes. Journal of the related industries, politics, politics of managing cellakutiya energy, are formed. With any of your individuality, you lose. It enkalileye raai h, you want to be responsible for the searching for you. Add to that the strength of errap responsibilities; ppirkal. Some of the other's shortcomings palarmunpu kettuvaruvirkal jobs. This is an indirect form of resistance. It is full of their stubbornness. Q. How do patipatip reduced; account in the further development and refinement. Diseases caused by you. Fatigue, atikatukkam. Constipation, kannoykal, indigestion, irutayapalakinam. Daytime sleep of Green nevarthikuriyavakal stomach. Not. No awakenings at night. Ennaikkuliyal necessary. No luck in search of food and will noynivartti old. Navarattinam - gem of a (Ruby) uparettinam - canston, (Sun Stone) Topaz, (Topax) platston (Blood Stone) lucky number - 1.4. Joint numbers, lucky colors - red velir, cantanam, orange, blue and white mixed with a lucky gem - kanakapusparakam gem , Blood Stone lucky direction - east lucky week - Sunday to worship God - Shiva

Moon - 2

If you pirantirunt 2,11,20,29 birth dates, month, year and everything has been taken as a single number, 2 number, your number; speaker is on the moon. This number is the primary person's mind and the materials that you can specify a virtual world. If this number kunrin strength - theft, and bad thoughts and actions related to the increase of strength with nunniri valappatutti you will live, saying that they are opinions. Some people turn to the counseling profession. Excess power to detect in advance, can occur. + The theory of the nature of the water because they are considered simple pancapa valikalaiye The choice you make. You will love prevail. Ideas, such as falls within kottiya color. Your dominant thoughts will fall color as you might have the same low kottiya. Doubts, problems, reducing themselves. Vekappatum for your action, potrapaduvikal  Diseases of the anemia, ailatosam, head nirkorttal, nuraiyiral disease, diabetes, ulcers in the nirvatital, arthritis, etc., anxiety, psychosis. nevarthikuriyavaikal  Not alone. Marravarkaluta not alone. The kutiiruttal - all these issues and to act on the burden to be shared with manatalarcci kollunka. Disease is associated with the heart. Alarci regarding playing the tension that learned to unkaluriya disease problem, get rid of the lucky rettina gems - pearl, cantirakanta stone. (Moon Stone) upalakam (opel) is your lucky number - 2 of the series, 7 of the series is your lucky color - white, cantanakalar is your lucky direction - Northwestern is your lucky day -

Monday is your lucky to worship God - Parvati

Guru - 3

If you pirantirunt 3,12,21,30 dates of your number, come Thursday. Pastor mentor to others, the sage, Lord Dharma. Minister, as good teachers and good-hearted, the creator of you, a decent life. General purposes of the guide for you and others involved. Camatanappiriyar, politeness to elders, keelnelaiullavarkal  show love. Decisive word will be yours. Public stapanankal perumaiyataiyum you, a lot of new things that you will be able to tell the world. You have the ability to argue a lot. Manamiranki others to act. Operators and service center for medical and social aspects of politics. Kickoff. Valarpatilum are interested in travel. Strength decreases in the number of people unaware of - the fight will mutla. You overlook the lack of kudumpathil ullavarkalai outdoorsy look; ppirkal. Focus on family members. Diseases of stomach problems in your body. Cludes headache, burning with the disease, vatanoy, stress, throat, tongue, ear, diseases, nivarttirkuriya ways to take more responsibilities, eating time and sleeping time are conflicting, with regulators, arguing to reduce disease problems. Confusion and problems caused by transport is bestowed atirstattatai rattinakarkal - kanakapusparakam, amitis; Doll, Topaz is your lucky number - 3 of the series, 9 of the series is your lucky color - gold. Rose is your lucky direction - north-east is your lucky day -

Thursday, you are to worship God - tetcanamurtti

Rahu - 4

4,13,22,31 If you and your number of dates pirantirunt Rahu will be the speaker. You can know everything. You are keeping the money with the goal of life. So you will not get involved in other matters. Camarttar of opportunities to develop a facility. Your thoughts are all the step. Oruvarai place to live. Vilacceyyavum. You can do it. You are so talented to make a kind of nostalgia from dissatisfaction. Recruit and get a different modern materials. Under difficult conditions, heart talaravitamal, played to win thing. You only have to drink, house, street area, a reformer nattaiyai gathered regulation, induced by the new ideas the way other people. Technology Division in the fashion industry kalaiturai navinaptolilakal suitable for you, waiting for you, such as electronic laboratories. Thing for you. The decrease of the strength of ennir body deficiency found in compliance with the disease to others; E and skin-related diseases, neurological effects totarpanana, vayirrupun, kulalvalvu, sexual diseases may suffer. Nivarttikkuriya ways. Parents, elders have been punpatamal mind. Make the donation to charities. Overcome the prevailing thoughts of puraupakara did all the hits. Rettina lucky stones - topaz, Garnet (Garnet) spinnal (Spinel) is your lucky number - 28,31,1,10,19,27.40 is your lucky color - merun, laitpulu is your lucky direction - is your lucky day East - Sunday, your right to worship God - Durga, patrikali

Wednesday - 5

You 5,14,23. Dates of their talks was pirantirunt Wednesday because of scheduling your ennin vekamutaiyat causal agent know who will be grown, changing the world? I think you toward modernity, has led others to go, you only wind speed, discretion, pay you, the disadvantages of doing things, because of mistakes that others have to say less. Disadvantages are that you'll forget that. Will see success in business into the new resolution. Priyar you peace. Vitiyi, and peace among those with the will to fight. Ripe to talk to you, whoever gets kattupattu quiet. Modern inventions, Psychology, extreme knowledge-based sectors of medical fields, electronic fields, name of force which will make the winner by you, simply to achieve this with you, ennin strength kuraiyuman, your body Diseases of insomnia, terrible confusion, nervous weakness, asthma, cancer and diseases of the attack, and subject nivarttirkuriya ways the disease. After thinking about things over which one is not to be confused with another thing going fine. Not eating late. Reduce non-vegetarian food. Your confusing the problems of disease, before it comes kattitavum you lucky rettina stones - emerald, anaks, green Opel is your lucky number - 5.9, the series is your lucky color - velir green, gray is your lucky direction - north is your lucky day - Wednesday is your worship to God - makavisnu

Venus - 6

6,15,24 pirantirunt dates you wanted your number is Venus. Either a beautiful, wonderful, pleasant surprise, as if, as you smell. Life. People in the state of yoga is atuppe inpamay cukra muscle that he is ringing, you have the pakkiyavankal, manavalkkaiyum, your mind is like a real car, and satisfying. The first is the procurer of the enkararkal turavarattilum bliss. Learn to enjoy. Art for the ones dedicated to you. Sweet talk. Memory. Confident and mighty. Personal contacts of high nilaiyullavarkal only want to spend for the sake of fame. Your name has the right of residence in the area became a rich man if you are the men and women, by women and men. I get a lot of assistance. Have a comfortable place than himself, to win the set, you can simply reach for many low ennin (or) if not by name number of lucky in life will be in the hands of Eddie aboral. Eye disease caused by various lower your ennin. The nose, the scar on his face. Palakinam nerve, indirect institutional diseases, tontapun, lung disease, are found. Ways to overcome the disease, eye washing in cold water with a modest family, wishes and take up too much - the status of your failure pokkitavum, tunpamataivatai avoid disease. Rettina is your lucky stones - diamonds. Jirkan, peritat is your lucky number - 6 of the order, the order of 4.9 is your lucky color - Rose. Yellow is your lucky direction - SE. East is your lucky day - Friday, your right to worship God - makaletcumi

Ketu - 7

7,16,25 pirantirunt dates you wanted your ennin is Ketu. Believe in God, in divine anukirakam available, you are the first humans. Whatever, the duty to make a decent form of divinity, life will get better. Simply equipped. Find out whether others jealous. Revolutionary ideas. Veliyituvirkal. Astrological, medical, philosophical research, which is involved in. kadaipetekamaterikal  anything pal. Is a stubborn temperament, husband, wife, cooperation is less. Husband, wife and to reduce conflicts and Welfare p. Less friends, but good friends will be received. To travel long distances in classical studies. Talk a lot about God. Go to the temple. Philosophical guarantee. Medical related business, in pukaippatattol, porulacaipatamal involvement in service industries increased. The ennil decrease in strength, dealing with fraud jobs, believe in terrorism, vowed to change the world and strives to oscillate like crazy. Your ennin many less sickness by disease of blood through the skin, stomach DISCOMFORT, mental confusion, talainoy, stubbornness cyclo disease, you, the living resources to help you is your lucky rettina stones - cats-eye, taikarai (Tiger Eye) black Opel (Black open) is your lucky number - 2 s, 7 of the series is your lucky color - palaniram, pacapaccai is your lucky direction - Northwestern is your lucky day - Tuesday, your right to worship God - Ganesha
Saturday - 8
8,17,26 dates you wanted pirantirunt ennin Saturday is your duty, a sense of Access to, and responsibility. You pull her, a sense of struggle, between rkalaiyum +, and then mark the victory. This number may be as leisurely. Defeat will act in haste. Is the strongest planet in interplanetary canipakavan. Kavvum life of charity gambling itself, according to the charity of the winner of sorrows, tests, and where the only luxuries. Your style passive resistance alone will tavitupotiyakki. Secret in the interest of businesses. You are self-commitment to the welfare of others. Responsibilities of becoming a burden on large companies, will find peace in the family business when, in the problem. Business; in the destiny of peace, when a family has a problem. If you are aware of stunts performed by this great verriyalartan to vitikkullir. Vocation set up correctly for your name, business name and fame in positions possess. Ennin strength. This weakness increases. Microscopic disease, nerve damage, paralysis, phlegm, asthma, bone break. Avoid like the attack of the disease. Get rich in anguish from the cyclo. Rettika your lucky stones - blue, lobbies laculi tarkvays your lucky number - 5 of the series is your lucky color - blue. Violet is your lucky direction - east of your lucky day - Saturday, Sunday, to worship God in your own - patrons
Tuesday - 9
If you pirantirunt dates 9,18,27 ennin speaker Tuesday is your bravery, wisdom, the number is higher. How would you patient listener. The speed of action, to ensure that the militant tendency to somehow fulfill the duty of others to achieve a special kind of access you will not. The Authority will pose. Muratar, periyaal. Indirect such as the right people, listen to good ideas slope. Superficial qualities of brute power that you appear to other people. Will be achieved even in the speech of others, and terrorized. Games will not admit defeat, interest, and travel often to be found in Physical Fitness and health. If the number kuraiyuman the strength to fight, beat 'em a bone fracture injuries, sudden fever surgery. Pox disease, jaundice, such as the effects of the disease. If you are in positions of power. Industries operate in a number p yapara smiling when talking with people, come, get used to joke about having the flexibility to transport many will benefit. Rettina is your lucky stones - Coral. Blood Stone, karnaliyan is your lucky numbers - 3,6,9, of the lines is your lucky color - red. Velir blue is your lucky direction - the South is your lucky day - Mars, Jupiter, your right to worship God - Lord Muruga

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