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Marriage Match Report



Horoscope Matching Report is not just an ordinary report but one of the most important one.
It helps you at the most crucial time of your life where even a slightest ignorance of it could
land you in a life of sorrows & tensions which could effect your career, health, future growth &
general well being.  

Horoscope matching has been one of the most researched aspect of Vedic astrology and we
at are very proud of being one of the best in this particular aspect
of Vedic astrology.

Our expert astrologer can help you through this very major decision of life by analyzing
the horoscope of your future partner in comparison to your horoscope.

He not only matches the GUNAS & MANGLIK DOSHA but concentrates more on
the analysis of horoscope for six major aspects

Our expert astrologer checks the Longevity of the boy and the girl and if there is a major
difference then it is not worthwhile to go ahead with this match.

 Mental Compatibility & Likeness
This is again an important part in which we analyze the mental make up of the boy as well
as of the girl for their behaviors, their temper, their willingness to promote their married life,
their affection for each other.
Child birth
The horoscopes are analyzed separately to confirm the promise of at least one
child in both horoscopes.
THE horoscope of the boy and also of the girl is analyzed for any major health
problem or accident which could bring distress to the family.
Separative Tendencies
In this we analyze the horoscope for any long separation between the boy and girl
or for any sign of divorce.
 Financial Stability
In this we analyze the horoscope for financial stability and growth for the boy and girl individually.

Our astrologer also goes through the horoscope of both the girl and as well as
the boy for other yogas


The Horoscope Matching is done by completely analyzing both the charts (nine planets)
and not just on one planet Moon which is the only planet seen in Gun Milan.
 The effects of planet Mars is also seen and included in the analysis.

 Our expert astrologer provides exhaustive analysis of both the horoscope and give
the best and fare report so that you lead a happy and contended married life.



 Rupees - Rs 250/$10
Delivery Report -With the help of  E-Mai with in 72 hrs we have to send the Report

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Name           : Thangavel Raj

Comments  : Dear Sir, It is really a useful and wonderful website.
Even a layman can understand the basic
aspects of astrology in terms of his business,
marriage, life predictions and matching

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Comments : I watch ur website for the past one year.
i already get many horoscope from ur is very useful to me.
i recommended ur website to many of them.

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Comments   :  i visited so many astro. websites amoung
which i found yours do a good deal of services to public
without much expectations,I pray God & wish your services to continue.

Name           :  Ramaswamy

Comments   : Dear Sir, Very useful site for all persons those
they interested in horoscope.
I like very much bride and bridegroom
match column.Very nice and so simple and
we can get result directly from this site.
My best wishes for your services.
Thanks and Regards, Ramaswamy

Name            :  Nithyapriya

Comments    :  Namaskaram, thanks for ur useful website. its nice website. its save my time and tension free. In this world situation u making a worthful service to all.

Name         :  k.suruthi 

Comments : your astrology is superthanksfor intersting and marvellous tips. we r expecting to more information particularly natstra palan